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Celebrating Burns Night Supper: The Outfits to Wear

Celebrating Burns Night Supper

A Burns night is celebrated with people wearing a certain outfit that fits the occasion. The traditional outfit for this event is the kilt. However, there are still some other appropriate clothes that you may wear. If you are one of those people who still do not know what they should wear for the night, this article will give you some ideas to have a proper attire for the special event. Not only will you be dressing properly but also with a fashion statement for the Burns night supper.Burns Night Supper

The Traditional Kilt

The traditional outfit for the Burns night celebration is the kilt. This is usually matched with a jacket, socks, and shoes. Kilts differ in terms of their patterns or designs. Usually, a certain pattern of a kilt is associated with a Scottish surname. If you want to wear a kilt, make sure to pair it up with matching jackets, shoes, and socks.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

The Bonnie Prince Charlie outfit is a popular outfit or attire for several Scottish formal events like weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other kinds of formal occasions. Since the Burns night is a formal occasion as well, then you may opt to wear a Bonnie Prince Charlie for the celebration.

Casual and Fashion

If you want variety and a fashion statement during the Burns night celebration, you can do so by wearing different kinds of kilts made from various materials with unmatched and unique styles and designs. With the different kinds of trend nowadays, it will not be hard for you to find a kilt design that will match your fashion taste. If you can, you may also modify and customize your own kilt outfit.

Day Wear Tweed

Another popular trend nowadays is the wearing of kilt and Tweed jacket for the Burns night celebration. The Tweed and kilt should have matching colors to give a good appearance and aesthetics. This matching is actually popular among celebrities and fashion icons.

Now, you know the different kinds of outfits and attire that you can wear for the Burns night celebration, make sure to pick out an outfit with a good design that will not only match your taste but will also make up your good look for the occasion.