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Celebrate the Legacy of The Bard with a Burns Supper

Burns Night 2017It is now the time of the year when the Scots and the Scottish Diaspora from all over the world pay tribute to the late Robert Barns, one of the greatest bards in history. Not only is Burns a poet and lyricist but he also wrote the very famous Auld Lang Syne which is the third most popular songs in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.A Fun and Humorous Burns Night Occasion

The traditional celebration of Burns supper is called in a night of celebration called the Burns night. This occasion is full of pipings, bagpipes, poetry, songs, and very delicious foods mainly the Haggis. The Haggis, Neeps , and Tatties would surely always be on the table along with some whisky wine for the drinks.

You can celebrate the Burns supper with some fine dishes made from the Haggis along with staple foods for the night like the Arborath smokie or smoked fishes plus some desserts like caramelized fruits poured down with some whisky, cheddar cheese, and soufflé.

For the upcoming Burns night 2017, make sure to prepare well especially the dishes that you want to serve your guests for the celebration and supper. You can look at some Burns night recipes online that would teach you how to make delicious and fine staple dishes for the Burns supper. In addition, if you will be hosting the party, make sure to have the entire program organized and you know who and when will the certain performers perform their respective presentations.Burns Night 2017 Recipes Traditional Recipes Drinks

However, if a party with guests will not be your style of celebrating the Burns supper, then you can just do so at some local shops or restaurants offering Burns supper services. If this is what you want to do, just make sure to choose a shop or restaurant that you are sure would give you high quality services that your fulfil your night.

Make sure to celebrate the upcoming Burns supper with a blast. Do not forget to prepare well. Have your outfit readied. Choose a kilt outfit with a perfect tartan design for the celebration.


A Fun and Humorous Burns Night Occasion

Burns Night 2017Usually, the Burns supper celebration is filled with dramatic feels due to the recitals and singing of sad songs made by Robert Burns. On the other side, it is also filled with fun and humor due to the humorous toasts for the lassies and the reply of the lassies, the performance of good comedians, and the watching of comedy films. If you want to celebrate your Burns night 2017 with a lot of laugh, then you should read the things below. These are the different activities that you can conduct in order to have a lot of laugh during your Burns supper.When is Burns Night 2017 in London Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland

Watching Comedy Films and TV Shows

Film showing is an activity recommended to be conducted during the Burns night celebration. You can watch some good Scottish films to level up the feel of the celebration. To have a lot of laugh for the film showing, you should watch some comedy films and television shows.

For the films, you can choose the romantic comedy ones especially if this genre is your type. For the television shows, you should watch some sitcoms or live night with some great comedians.

Performance of Comedians

Another way to have lots of fun during your Burns night celebration is by watching the performance of comedians. When you celebrate the night at some local restaurants or shops offering Burns night services, then most likely you will be able to watch the performance of good comedians. Thus, book a night with such shops who will make you laugh.Burns Night 2017 Recipes Traditional Recipes Drinks

On the other hand, you may also visit some local comedy bars whose theme for the day is Robert Burns. They will most likely throw in some jokes that are only meant for humor and will surely make you laugh.

Humorous Toasts and Speeches

The traditional Burns supper also consist of humorous toasts made by both men and women. The first toast will be given by the man who will present a funny and humorous speech about the women. Aside from the humor and jokes, he would also thank all the lassies for helping out with the preparation of the dishes and meals. After this, the women would give their reply with a toast also containing a humorous speech.

A Sophisticated Yet Memorable Burns Night Celebration

Burns Night 2017There are different ways that oyu can celebrate the upcoming Burns night 2017. You can go for the traiditonal celebration by hosting or going to a party full with Burns supper delicious meals, poem recitals, singing of songs, entertainment, toasts, and a lot more socialization. Or you can also celebrate the day at some shops or restaurants offering services for the Burns day celebration. Robert Burns – Wikipedia : Biography – Robert Burns Tribute

However, one unique way to celebrate the night is through a film showing. You can watch some good movies, films, or television shows that bring in the Scottish vibe. After this film showing, you can then have some whisky drinks and a fancy supper with the Haggis as the primary dish ingredient.

Film Showing

You can watch some Scottish films or television shows for your Burns night celebration. Enjoy the movie marathon with your friends and family members and also prepare some snacks so that you will not get hungry while watching some amazing shows. As a recommendation, go watch the film entitled Local Hero. You will surely be able to appreciate that film. Burns Night 2017 Recipes Traditional Recipes Drinks

Whisky Drinking

After the film showing, you can then enjoy a glass of whisky. To make it better, mix in your drinks with some usual dishes that would match the taste of the whisky. For example, you can have some white chocolates or other sweets that you can eat while having the drink. The taste that will be left in your mouth would surely be amazing. In addition, you can also mix in some cheese while having the drink since a lot of people do this for they find it good.

Fancy Supper

After the whisky drink, you can now enjoy the fancy supper. The main ingredient should be the Haggis. You can it the Haggis by itself or mix in some usual ingredients like the potatoes and swede to make it much more delicious and enjoyable to eat.

Thus, you should consider celebrating your Burns night 2017 through a film showing. You will surely not get disappointed by this kind of celebration especially if you prepare some good films to watch and some good foods to eat.

Robert Burns’ Day Celebration at Stravaigin Restaurant in Glasgow

Burns Night 2017Burns supper as indicated by its name is celebrated during the night of January 25. The supper is consisted of the Haggis and other traditional dishes for the occasion. The celebration is also mixed with some other activities like recitals, singing, and dancing. Burns night 2017 is just right around the corner. If you cannot celebrate it during the night, then you can do so during the night. One restaurant in Glasgow called the Stravaigin restaurant offers a Burns night celebration for the day. More about this is discussed below.Burns Night 2017 Recipes: Haggis, Tatties, and Neeps

Special Brunch at 2pm

The Stravaigin restaurant offers a three course dish for the Burns night celebration during the day. This is called a special brunch which is offered from 2pm onwards. You will be able to enjoy a very delicious set of dishes and really feel the atmosphere of the Burns night celebration.


A usual tradition during the Burns supper is the piping. Pipers play their bagpipes for the welcoming of guests and also when the Haggis is being brought into the table. For this reason, the piping is also incorporated by the Stravaigin restaurant in Glasgow. This will make you feel like you are really celebrating the Burns supper. Furthermore, the songs that will be played by the pipers are songs made by Robert Burns himself.Burns Night Supper 2017: Robert Burns and Burns Night Celebrations


You can also enjoy poetry at Stravaigin restaurant in Glasgow for your Burns night celebration. Experienced poets will be reciting the poems made by Robert Burns. You can also recite some poetry yourself and you may win some awards or giveaways from the restaurant management. Just make sure to listen to the poem recitals to be able to imbibe the great messages that those poems want to give you.

That is all for the Burns night celebration at the Stravaigin restaurant in Glasgow. Make sure to consider this restaurant for your Burns night 2017 celebration. You will surely not regret your day since you will be able to have fun and really feel the Burns night celebration.


Celebrating Rabbie Burns Day at Summerhall

Burns Night 2017For this year, Burns night 2017 is becoming nearer. It is this time of the year again for celebrating a day full of delicious meals, poetry, recitals, songs, and socializations. This day is celebrated to commemorate Robert Burns who is a great poet and lyricist and made a great impact all around the world. For the celebration, you can consider doing it at Summerhall. These are the services that you can experience if you want to celebrate Rabbie Burns day at Summerhall.A Viking Style of Burns Supper Celebration

A Brief Background

The first kind of service that would be given to you at Summerhall is a brief narration of the background of the Burns night celebration. In this service, they will tell you why this kind of occasion is being celebrated and the importance of celebrating. They will also tell you the life and works of Robert Burns and a lot more things basically about him.

Poetry Recital

Good poets and speakers would also present the poems made by Robert Burns. You will really feel the emotions coming out of the speakers’ and poets’ mouths as they convey to you the real meaning of the poems made by Burns. This service is a must experience especially if you love hearing poems or if you are a poem writer yourself.Burns Night 2017 in London, UK | Burns Night Traditions Speech Quotes Poems

Songs and Lyrics

Robert Burns is not just a poet. He is also a lyricist and songwriter who has written various songs considered as masterpieces in different parts of the world. You will also be able to enjoy hearing experienced and professional singers sing different songs written by Burns. A song that you would surely hear is the Auld Lang Syne.

Haggies, Neeps, and Tatties

Aside from the poems and songs, you will also be able to enjoy a meal consisting of the Haggies, Neeps, and Tatties which are the primary meals for the Burns night celebration. Enjoy the freshly cooked Haggis that is prepared well by an experienced chef.


You will also be able to enjoy a bottle of whisky. Combine this one of a kind wine with some other ingredients to make the wine taste much better. For instance, you can drink it while eating some good chocolates.


After experiencing the things mentioned above, you will also be given the chance to experience a Ceilidh dance. You can dance with other people you do not know and get to know them.

A Viking Style of Burns Supper Celebration

Burns Night 2017Burns night is a night full of different activities to enjoy such as a fancy supper consisting of various delicious dishes, dramatic poem recitals, fun song singing, and social gathering with your friends and family. Burns supper is right around the corner and you may be preparing for the grand occasion. However, if you still are not prepared or if you want to celebrate a different kind of Burns supper celebration, then you can do so in a Viking style of Burns supper.The Various Symbols of the Burns Night Occasion

The Setting

A Viking style of Burns supper is held in a venue with Viking themed decorations. The main attraction is the long Viking table where you will be eating delicious meals and dishes for the supper. You will surely be amazed by how the setting looks like. You can take pictures and keep the celebration memories of a lifetime.

The Supper

The supper for the Viking style of Burns supper is similar to the traditional Burns supper dishes. The Haggis is still the main ingredient for the meals. The usual serving for the main course dish is the Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties. However, the main difference is that the dishes may be far more delicious than the general ones prepared. A highly skilled chef may be the one preparing the meals for you.Burns Night 2017 Recipes Traditional Recipes Drinks

Freebies for Recitation

A Burns supper on a Viking themed restaurant or shop would give you the opportunity to recite poems made by Robert Burns. Doing so would award you with free dram. If you want to do this, just make sure that you will recite the poems by Robert Burns with feelings so that the people watching you would be able to imbibe the message that the poem wants to convey.


The Burns supper celebration on a Viking style of supper would not be complete without the entertainment portion that would be provided by the performers. The entertainment may either be in the form of a dance, a song, or a recital.

Now, you know how Burns night can be celebrated on a Viking style. Just make sure to enjoy the night and create happy memories that you will never forget.

The Various Symbols of the Burns Night Occasion

Burns Night 2017Robert Burns is a great poet from Scotland whose birthday is being celebrated every January 25 of each year. His legacy is very much known to various parts of the world. For this reason, the day of his birthday which is the aforementioned date is a day considered as a special occasion called the Burns night. During this day, various activities are being held primarily to commemorate the life and works of Robert Burns.

Along with the celebration of course, the symbols will always be there. We have Santa Claus and the green pine tree for Christmas, the pumpkin for Halloween, fireworks for the New Year, and of course, the Burns night also have some. These are discussed below.The State of the Public During the Burns Night Celebration

The Scottish Flag

A well known symbol for the Burns supper is the national flag of the country of Scotland from where Robert Burns came from. The flag is simply a rectangular figure with white diagonal crosses and four blue triangles forming the shapes which the diagonals cut. Some people decorate these flags to their homes for the Burns night.

The Kilt

Another symbol of the Burns supper is the kilt which is the main traditional costume for the Burns supper. The kilt is simply an outfit that looks like a skirt. It is worn by both men and women for the formal occasion. Usually, a kilt design or tartan is associated with a Scottish family name. If you will be attending a Burns supper, then you should really wear a kilt outfit matched with a jacket, shoes, and socks.Burns Night 2017 in London, UK | Burns Night Traditions Speech Quotes Poems

The Haggis

The main ingredient of a Burns supper is the Haggis. Different kinds of dishes and main course meals have been developed for the supper. This became the staple food for the Burns supper since Robert Burns himself has made a poem entitled Address to the Haggis which is also recited before eating the Haggis meal.

The Image of Robert Burns

Since Burns night is all about Robert Burns, his image cannot be out of the celebration. Printed photos of him or paintings are used by some people as decoration for the Burns supper. You may also see a lot of pictures on the streets during the day.

The State of the Public During the Burns Night Celebration

Burns Night 2017January 25 marks the celebration of a special occasion called the Burns night. This is held each year to commemorate Robert Burns who is a great poet and songwriter. He left a great legacy to humankind by writing masterpieces that are considered of great literary importance.Welcoming Your Guests on a Burns Night Celebration

Since Burns night is a special occasion, expect the date of January 25 as a special day. For this reason, most places consider this day as a holiday. Let us take a look at the state of the public during the special day for Robert Burns.


Malls will generally be open. However, expect that some shops within the malls will be closed especially those that are operated for public services or managed by private owners who give a non-working holiday to their employees. In addition, since the supper is celebrated at night, expect most malls to have an earlier closing time. Burns Night 2017 Recipes Traditional Recipes Drinks

Markets and Supermarkets

You should expect markets and supermarkets to be very crowded during January 25. The main reason for this is that people will most likely rush for the buying of ingredients needed for the Burns supper meals and dishes. Moreover, clothing stores selling kilts will also most likely be very crowded since the kilts are the traditional outfit for the celebration.


In general, you should expect shops to be closed during the day since people operating them will most likely become busy themselves for preparing for the Burns supper. However, expect the shops operating to give Burns night services to the people to be open. There are shops that cater services that include activities for the Burns supper traditions. Such shops are made for those people who do not enough time to prepare for the supper or for people who just does not want to prepare at all.

Business Buildings

There are places where Burns supper is considered as a special holiday thus a day off work for employees. For this reason, business buildings are closed. However, expect places that do not consider January 25 as a regular holiday to have their business buildings open.


Some areas do not consider Burns supper as a banking holiday. Thus, you can expect banks to be open during the day for money transactions that you need to be done.


Toasting on a Burns Night Celebration

Burns Night 2017Burns night is one of the most awaited occasion of the year especially since it happens early which is the 25th of January. This night is a celebration primarily conducted to commemorate Robert Burns who is the national poet of Scotland and is considered as one of the best poets and lyricists in the world.The Component Acts of a Burns Night Supper

There are various activities conducted on a Burns night celebration which includes the supper, poem recitals, singing of songs, some speeches, and the toasts. The toasting on a Burns supper is a tradition that is usually done by the celebrants. The toasts are discussed below.

Toast to the Lassies

The first toast that is usually made is the Toast to the Lassies. This toast is made by a man who will give his speech about gratitude to the women who prepared the dishes for the supper. The speech should be somewhat hilarious to the view of audience but will not offend anyone. In addition, the toast should be thanking the women and all other staff who worked all day just to prepare the very delicious meals served for the supper. When is Burns Night 2017 in London Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland

Reply of the Lassies

The second toast done is called the Reply of the Lassies which is made by a woman who will give a speech in reply to the first toast made by the men. Likewise, this toast should also be hilarious and funny but will not come to the point that it will offend anyone. The speech should also give some points about thanking the audience for enjoying the meals and also for trusting them on their cooked dishes.

Final Toasts

The final toasts for the burns supper celebration can be made by the host or any appointed person. The final toasts should be a speech about thanking all the guests for attending and to commemorate Robert Burns. After the final toast, the audience will all clap their hands for the good night celebration.

Those are the toasts made for the Burns night celebration. If you will be a speaker, make sure to prepare a good speech that people will surely enjoy so that you can make the night an even better one.

Why is Burns Night Being Celebrated? Burns Night in United Kingdom

Why is Burns Night Being Celebrated? Burns Night in United Kingdom

Burns Night 2017Burns night is a celebrated every January 25 of each year. It is a night full of celebration with activities like a very delicious dinner with Haggis as the main ingredient, poem recitals, singing of lyrics and songs, and socialization with a lot of people. However, behind these things, do you know why you are celebrating and enjoying the night? If not, then you should read this article. Let us discuss a little bit of background about the Burns night celebration.

The celebration of Burns supper is primarily for the late poet Robert Burns. He is the national poet of Scotland who rose to fame due to his masterpiece works including poems, lyrics, and songs. In his short years of living, Robert Burns was able to write a wide range of poems and songs, most of which are very popular nowadays.

When Robert Burns died, his friends started a tradition of commemorating his legacy by holding a night of celebration during the day of his death or every death anniversary of his. However, as time passed, the date of celebration changed from the death anniversary to his date of birth which is January 25. Thus, Burns night is held every 25th of January of each year. Robert Burns – Wikipedia : Biography – Robert Burns Tribute

Robert Burns is not just popular in Scotland, he is also well known to various countries in the world. Countries like Australia, Canada, United States of America, England, and a lot more also celebrate the Burns night to commemorate the great poet.

The most popular piece by Robert Burns is the song called Auld Lang Syne. This song is very popular especially during the New Year celebration. Burns has also made poems like A Red,Red Rose which is being studied as a fine literary piece in literature subjects. Different Film and Show Genres to Watch During Burns Supper

Since Burns is a well  known figure, statues of him can be seen from different parts of the world. Such statues were made to commemorate him as well as to be seen by people who can consider him as a great inspiration especially to aspiring poets, singers, lyricists, and writers.

That is the brief background about the Burns night celebration. With these things in mind, share the reasons why such a night is being celebrated to your friends and family members so that they will know why the night is being considered as a special occasion.