Burns Night 2017 in London, UK | Burns Night Traditions Speech Quotes Poems, Burns Night | Events & Robert Burns Information , What is Burns night and who was Robert Burns? Burns Night 2017 in London, UK

The Burns Night Supper 2017 is celebrated to commemorate the greatness and eminence of Robert Burns who is the national poet of Scotland. Burns has influenced a lot of people all around the world for his great poems, lyrics and songs. For this reason, his legacy is commemorated through the celebration of the Burns night. If you still do not know how the Burns night supper is celebrated, this article will discuss to you the order of the supper.

Piping of the Guests

When is Burns Night 2017 in London, Since the Burns night is a formal event, the guests are first welcomed into the area of celebration. This is done by having the pipers play their bagpipes while welcoming the incoming guests. Traditional Scottish music is usually played during this part.

Welcoming Speech

The host of the event welcomes all the guests into the celebration. He or she will also state the reason for celebrating such a special night. In addition, the Selkirk grace is usually recited by all before proceeding with the actual eating of the supper.

Soup Course

The first kind of food served is the soup, just like an appetizer. Normally, the kinds of soups served are potato soup, Scotch broth, cock a leekie, or Cullen skink. You can try out these kinds of soup and pick out the one that your prefer. You may find some recipes online that will teach you how to cook and prepare these soups.

Main Course

The primary meal of the night is the Haggis which is a food made from the heart, stomach, liver, and lungs of a Sheep minced with some onions and other kinds of seasonings. However, before proceeding with the actual eating of the Haggis, a poem entitled “Address to a Haggis” by Robert Burns himself is recited by everyone.

Other Courses

For the night, other kinds of meals may also be served. There are actually different kinds of dishes with the Haggis as the main ingredients. For instance, you can prepare a Vegetable Haggis or a Haggis with Neeps.

Burns Night 2017 in London, UK

  • Monday, January 25

Furthermore, desserts may also be served after the meals to sweeten and satisfy everyone’s mouths. Examples of desserts that may be served are oatmeal shortbread with raspberries and white chocolate.

The Usual Burns Night Traditions: Enjoyable Sweets and Desserts

To dedicate the eminent poet named Robert Burns, a one night celebration called the Burns Night is celebrated to commemorate his legacy as a great poem and lyric maker. Included in this celebration are the following activities: a fancy supper, dressing in the right outfit, and recitals. If you still do not know much about the Burns night supper, this article will discuss to you the enjoyable sweets and desserts for the Burns night traditions.

Clootie Samosa

The Clootie Samosa is a very enjoyable and fancy dessert prepared for the Burns night celebration. On an overall view, the Clootie Samosa is composed of a pastry composed of filling and topped with white chocolate and whisky sauce. This kind of dessert is perfect to pastry lovers who want to eat a bread with some delicious cream filling on the inside as well as some very tasty white chocolate outside.

Cooking a clootie samosa is very easy. You only need an oven as your main equipment for baking. You only need to prepare the pastry itself, the fillings, and the chocolate and whisky sauce.

Oatmeal Shortbread with Sweet Toppings

The oatmeal shortbread is also perfect for bread and fruit lovers. The main attraction of this dessert is the sprinkled raspberries on top of the oatmeal shortbread. Whisky may also be added by raining it over the bread.

Cooking this kind of dessert is very easy. You only need to prepare the bread, the sweetened raspberries, and the caramelized whisky then combine them together to form the extremely delicious dessert Burns Night 2017 Recipes.

Creme Brulee

The Burns night supper also has its own version of the crème brulee. This dessert is probably the easiest dessert to cook for a Burns night supper. You can actually make one by cooking a normal crème brulee by following the recipes out there but this time, you should add some parsnips to give the dessert a Burns night supper feel.

Now, you have enough knowledge about some of the desserts that you can cook and prepare for celebrating the Burns night occasion. You can look for other more recipe tutorials if you need more options in your hands.

How to Organize a Burns Night Celebration?

Robert Burns is one of the greatest poets in the world. He is the national poet of Scotland and is best known for his songs, poems, and lyrics. To commemorate his greatness, Burns night is held annually at the 25th of January. If you are planning to organize a Burns night celebration, this article will teach you all the things you need to know to be able to successfully organize such an important event filled with enjoyable and memorable Burns night traditions.

A Little Bit of Background About the Celebration

Before going to the actual pointers for the celebration, you should first know a little bit of background about it. There is no point in celebrating and heading the event yourself if you do not even know why such an event is being celebrated annually.

Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759 in Alloway, Scotland. He became a poet, lyricist, and songwriter by writing different pieces of literary works. These works are not just works of creativity. They have themes that promote equality, socialism, and liberalism. That is why a lot of the works by Burns are very popular nowadays. And this is also the main reason why Burns is considered as a legacy and why the Burns night is celebrated, to commemorate him on the day of his birth.

Things You Should Consider

The first step in organizing your Burns night celebration is by considering the date, venue, and the master of ceremonies.

  1. Date

Make sure to choose a specific date first for the Burns night supper. Of course, the best date to hold this is on January 25. However, under specific circumstances, you should choose a more suitable date. There are times wherein your guests especially the important ones cannot attend the celebration because they are not available during that day. Therefore, you can arrange the celebration on a date before or after January 25 to make sure that your guests will be able to attend the celebration.

  1. Venue

You should also choose a proper venue for the celebration. Make sure to choose the one that will be able to accommodate all the guests and will have enough space for the performance of the entertainers. You have to book the venue well ahead of time to be able to prepare well for the celebration.

  1. Master of Ceremonies

Another consideration is the master of ceremonies. He or she will be the one who will organize the program itself as it runs. The MC should know who will do a specific part of the program and when it should be done. You can be the MC if you want since you are the one who will organize the celebration itself. In addition, the MC should also know how to control the guests by settling them down if they get too noisy when someone is making a speech or recital and also excite the guests when they feel bored.

The Menu

One of the major Burns night traditions is the Burns night supper filled with delicious dishes mainly made from the Haggis. Before beginning the supper, the Selkirk Grace should be recited by all. This will then be followed by the piping of the haggis and the address to the Haggis. This shows how important the Haggis is for the Burns night celebration.

The menu for the Burns night supper should include the Haggis preferably the dish called Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties which is basically an arrangement on a plate of the Haggis, some mashed potatoes, and cooked swede or neeps. You should also include some appetizers or soups. The most common soup served for this kind of celebration is the cock-a-leekie soup made form chicken legs and leeks. In addition, you should not forget the desserts that will be eaten after the main course dish. You should prepare some nice looking yet very delicious desserts like the carancha, oatmeal shortbread, and sweetened raspberries.

For the drinks, make sure to have some coffee and tea that will be consumed by the guests most likely after the meal. Do not forget to have plenty of whisky for the speeches, toasts, and the various meals that need the whisky wine as an ingredient.

The Speakers

Another highlight of the celebration and a one of the Burns night traditions is the recitation of poems and the presentation of speeches that are traditions of the Burns night. The speech entitled The Immortal Memory is a speech presented to commemorate Robert Burns and to highlight his legacy as a poet and for creating inspiring works that will last for eternity.

A speech entitled “Toast to the Lassies” will be presented by a male. In this speech, he will thank the ladies who gave time and effort in preparing and cooking the meals served for the supper. After this, a female speaker will recite the “Reply from the Lassies” which will give their general reply to the previous toast made by the gentlemen.

Make sure to pick appropriate speakers for these speeches and toast preferably those who really want to stand in front of the people and speak confidently and smartly.

The Entertainment

Entertainment should not be absent for the celebration. You can appoint person who will be able to perform some songs or poems by Robert Burns. You can even arrange the pipers to have their own amazing performance in front of the guests. A common entertainment is the recitation of the famous poem by Robert Burns entitled “A Red, Red Rose”.

The Conclusion

At the end of the event, you should give thanks to all the persons who participated in the event as well as to those who made it possible and successful. You may also sing together the Auld Lang Syne which is the most popular song written by Robert Burns. You should then celebrate with applauses and claps afterwards and promise all the people to have an even more successful event on your next Robert Burns day celebration.

Now, you know the pointers in organizing a Robert Burns celebration. Make sure to bear in mind all the Burns night traditions while organizing so that you will not leave any important activity out of the celebration.



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