When is Burns Night 2017 in London Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland

Burns Night Supper 2017 is one special occasion dedicated to the late poet Robert Burns. He is a legacy of Scottish race who has made impact all around the world. His works of poems and lyrics became the foundations of the Romantic movement, socialism, and liberalism. Due to his epitome, his birth date which is January 25 is being celebrated around the world, especially on Scotland and other parts of Britain and England (Burns Night 2017 Recipes). If you still do not know when is Burns Night 2017, it is on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. This article will teach you how to celebrate this upcoming Burns Night 2017occasion.

What Should You Do?

You should celebrate Burns Night with your friends and loved ones. Prepare all the traditional dishes for the supper as well as the equipment needed for the formal celebration Burns Night 2017. Start the celebration by bringing in the Haggis as the piper play the bagpipes. Once the Haggis is placed on the table, you should recite the poem entitled “Address to a Haggis” by Robert Burns himself.

After reciting the poem, you should start the meal. You may eat some traditional dishes for the Burns Night such as the Haggis, the Haddock, and desserts like the shortbread with raspberries and chocolates. The celebration may continue on as you , your loved ones, and your friends do some recitals of poems and lyrics made popular by Robert Burns.

Life in the Public

Burns Night 2017 in London, UK: Public life during the Burns Night differ on different countries. Obviously, it is considered as a special holiday on Scotland, where Robert Burns had lived. In the United Kingdom, Burns Night is observed however it is not a bank holiday. Other countries may not declare Burns Night as a special observance at all. However, followers and admirers of Burns may celebrate the night within these countries.

The Symbol

The main symbol for the burns night is the Scottish flag which is a rectangular flag with a blue background and white diagonals representing Saint Andrew who is the patron saint of the country.

The usual outfit for the night is the kilt with a tartan pattern coupled with a jacket, and matching socks and shoes.



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