Usual Speeches during the Burns Night Celebration

A Burns Night celebration cannot be completed without the recitals of poems, lyrics, and speeches. Along with the very delicious foods served during the night, you should also give some warm and thanksgiving message dedicated to the late poet Robert Burns, who is the main reason why such a night is being celebrated Burns Night 2017 in London, UK. To give you an idea on some memorable and thankful Burns Night speeches, read this article to find out what you should recite on the special occasion .

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Using the Initials of Burns’ Name

When is Burns Night 2017 in London, One witty speech that you can deliver is to use the initial of Burns’ name which are the letters B, U, R, N, and S for your speech. You can compose your own acronyms for this. For example, you can honor and give thanks to the late poet by saying the words: Find More: Burns Night 2017 Recipes

Let us look at the great poet Robert Burns, who is a man of his letters

B for brotherhood for he did not care about a man’s race, color, or religion.

U for universality for his poems have already been translated to over 80 languages in order to convey his message to a lot more people all over the world.

R for religion for he abhorred hypocrisy.

N for nature for he brought in philosophy.

S for song for all the lyrics and poems he has made.

A Formal Thanksgiving Speech

Another great idea for a Burns night speech is through a formal thanksgiving speech. You can construct your own speech that will give thanks to the late Robert Burns (Burns Night Supper 2017). You can add some simple statements like “We gather here this night to pay tribute to our beloved poet who have made a legacy as a romanticist, liberalist, and socialist. We enjoy this very delicious Haggis, a main course dish we traditionally eat which also came from his extremely popular poem entitled Address to the Haggis. Along with this fun social night, let us not forget the legacy. And this legacy we shall pass on to the next generation on continuing to love and appreciate poems, lyrics, and songs.”

With those, you now have a lot of ideas on what to say for your Burns Night speech. Make sure to construct a good one not only to impress your celebrating mates but also to give honor to the epitome and legacy of the great poet.

Burns Night in the United Kingdom

Burns night is an annual celebration of the life of Robert Burns as a poet. This occasion is held every January 25 of the year because this was the exact day when Robert Burns was born. The primary reason for the celebration is the commemoration of Burns’ contribution to Scottish traditions and cultures. This night is celebrated in different parts of the world. For this article, we will be discussing about the Burns night UK or the celebration of the occasion in the United Kingdom.

Burns Night 2017


One January 25, 1759, Robert Burns was born on the part of Alloway in Scotland. When he still lived, he was a poet and a bard who wrote numerous poems, lyrics, and songs, a lot of which addressed various political and social issues. For this reason, his works became the foundation of different literary movements such as socialism and liberalism.

The most famous work of Robert Burns is the Auld Lang Syne which is a song usually sang at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Scotland, United Kingdom, and different parts of the world. Burns is well known all throughout Scotland for him being their national poet as well as to other parts of the world with Scottish influence. Other nicknames or epithets given to him are “Rabbie Burns”, “The Bard”, and “Bard of Ayshire”.

The first Burns night celebration was started by Burns’ friends on July 21, which is the anniversary of his death. However, as time passes, people started celebrating Burns night on January 25. It is now widely celebrated on several countries like Scotland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Traditions

The Burns night celebration in the United Kingdom follows a certain program for the whole night. It is organized into several sub events which make up the entire celebration for the night. These sub events are discussed below.

  1. Welcoming

The Program starts when the guests are welcomed into the area where the event is being held. They are welcomed by the pipers who play their bagpipes. The guests will go inside the venue one by one as they also greet their acquaintances and friends. After this, the host of the celebration will give his or her welcoming speech. The speech is usually about welcoming the guests to have a fun and memorable night while also bearing in mind to give thanks and commemorate the great poet named Robert Burns.

  1. The Supper

The main part of the celebration is the Supper wherein staple delicious dishes made for the Burns night are being served. One of the most famous poems made by Burns is entitled “Address to the Haggis”. The Haggis is a type of Scottish food which is made from the heart, lungs, and stomach of a sheep. For this reason, the Haggis became the main ingredient for dishes served during the Burns night celebration.

Before starting the dinner, the pipers lead the guests in the Piping of the haggis. The song is played while the Haggis is being placed on the serving table. Afterwards, the people involved in the celebration recite the Address to the Haggis poem. This is followed by the people eating their respective suppers which are usually composed of various dishes made from Haggis and fancy desserts like chocolates, sweetened breads, and whisky marinated fruits.

  1. The Toast

After the supper for the Burns night UK  buy reddit accounts, various toasts are made by the people involved in the celebration. These toasts are made either to thank all the ladies involved in the preparation of the foods served for the supper, a reply to the toasts made by the men for thanking the ladies, or a combined toast made by both men and women to give thanks to each other for making such an event successful.

  1. Some Speech

Before ending the celebration, people can give several speeches about the event itself as well as to commemorate the legacy of Robert Burns. People may recite some poems or sing some songs made by Robert Burns himself. After this, the host of the event will usually give the ending speech containing the toast to the life and greatness of Robert Burns and for thanking the guest for taking part in the celebration.

Life in the Public

The Burns night in the United Kingdom is celebrated in the country. It is also a primary observance during the day. However the day is not considered as a baking holiday within the country. People usually get busy all throughout the entire day for preparing for the night. The ladies involved in the celebration usually get busy with preparing and cooking for the foods they will serve for the supper. The Haggis also become very in demand as a lot of people purchase them for the supper.

Symbols of the Occasion

The celebration of the Burns night in the United Kingdom is also filled with several symbols. For instance, the Scottish flag is main symbol of the day since the poet Robert Burns was of Scottish nationality and also because Burns is considered as the national poet of Scotland. In addition, another main symbol of the day is the traditional clothes worn for the celebration called the kilt. The kilt is a shirt like outfit worn by both men and women. This outfit is usually paired with matching jackets, socks, and shoes. The pattern of a kilt is called a tartan. Usually, the a certain pattern of a tartan is associated with a specific family name and people usually wear a kilt with a pattern that match their own surnames.


The Burns night celebration observed for the United Kingdom is a celebration for all. It does not matter if you are Scottish or not. As long as you know that the purpose of the celebration is to commemorate the life and legacy of Robert Burns as a poet, then you may celebrate it.

Now that you know how Burns Night UK is celebrated, you should make sure to enjoy the day by making all the necessary preparation to have a fun and memorable night celebration.

Everything you need to know about Burns Night 2017

Burns Night 2017 is fast approaching, and preparations are already underway for it. For those who are not yet aware of what Burns Night is all about and how it is celebrated, we are going to shed some light on the subject.

Burns Night is held in honor of perhaps the most famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. The night is celebrated at the end of January every year on the 25th, which is his birthday. This tradition started back in 1796 following his death. His friends use to pay tribute to his career on the day of his death, which falls on 21st July. What started off as probably a small tradition is now a nationwide event for which preparations are made in advance.

About Robert Burns

Burns Night 2017If you want to know about poetry in Scotland, you will find that Robert Burns is its pioneer. It would not be wrong to call him the national poet of the area. He also introduced romantic poets, most of which still do not fail to strike a chord.

He became a source of inspiration following his death for liberals. He went on to be recognized as a cultural icon for the area. His influence on the literature of Scotland cannot be undermined, which is why his life and work are celebrated in the most extravagant manner. This is exactly what you can expect to see on Burns Night 2017.

How to celebrate the night

Every tradition is celebrated in a certain manner with, and Burns Night is no different in this regard. You can start by getting the feel of the night by wearing a kilt, which is a traditional dress and perfect for the occasion. The rest of the traditional components include poetry readings along with whiskey and haggis. Before dinner, a prayer of gratitude which is attributed to Burns has said.

Burns Night also follows a traditional menu. It starts with a supper, during which soup along with a Scottish broth is served. This is followed by haggis, which is accompanied by turnips and potatoes. A silver salver is used to serve the haggis, which is piped in by those who participate in the event, and a slow clap is given for the purpose.

It is said that Robert Burns was someone who believed that food should be shared and simple while being wholesome. Perhaps it is due to this reason that haggis is selected as the menu for the event since it seems to fulfill the criteria to the last letter. Cranachan, which is a dessert, is also often served to end the Burns Night.

An address to the haggis which is written by Burns is also read, following which the dish is cut open and a toast is made before people can start eating.

After the meal, an immortal memory toast is made. During this, the guests who are a part of the event give a speech to honor the poet. Following this, a toast to the lassies is made, which is meant to express gratitude to the women who cook the meal. This is something that has a humorous touch to it and is enjoyed by people quite a bit. During this, a diner is supposed to complement the role of women in life in a humorous manner by using quotes from the works by the great poet. It is not just the men who have their say. The women are also given the opportunity to reply after the toast is completed.

After this, the night is spent watching the performances of the guests for the work of Burns. The event comes to an end with Auld Lang Syne. This is sung standing and holding hands with the guests.

It is quite common for the work of great poets to fade into oblivion years down the road. Under such circumstances, dedicating a night to a great poet is an appreciative initiative that ensures that the work remains alive for decades to come and that more and more people are able to benefit from it.

Burns Night Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

The Burns Night or The Burns Supper is a celebration of the life of Robert Burns, and on Burns Night poems of the Scottish poet are celebrated. Burns Night is an institution of the Scottish way of life. On this particular night, the Scots celebrate the life and works of their national Bard.

On Burns Night, suppers are arranged, and they range from informal gatherings of a few close friends to formal, huge dinners full of circumstance and pomp. While festivities of this event may vary, some traditions are common throughout.

Piper for the Guests

To celebrate Burns Night, a piper must be present to welcome all the guests. If you can’t arrange that, some traditional music will also do the trick. In most formal events, the audience stands up to welcome all the arriving guests, and the piper will play until the high table has been made ready to be seated.

At this point, a round of applause is also due, but if you’re at an egalitarian gathering where there’s no high table, the chain may simply draw the attention of the audience by banging on the table and starting the proceedings of Burns Night.

Host’s Welcome

The host or organizer starts the evening by warmly welcoming everyone, introducing all the assembled guests, and talking about all the entertainment planned for the evening.

The Burns’ Grace

A short yet important prayer is read to signal the ushering in of the meal. Burns’ Grace is also known as the Selkirk Grace. While the text may be printed in English, it’s mostly recited in Scottish.

Piping for the Haggis

Guests normally stand up to welcome the star attraction of the dinner. This is usually presented on a silver platter by a procession led by the evening’s chef, the person to address the haggis and the piper. At this point, a whisky-bearer also arrives to ensure that all the toasts are in order.

During this procession, the guests clap to the music, and the music stops once the haggis has reached its position on the table. Now, the music has stopped and everyone is seated, waiting in anticipation for the address ‘To a Haggis’ to begin.

Addressing the Haggis

A rendition of ‘To a Haggis’ is read and all the while, the reader has his knife ready and on cue, he is to cut the entire casing along the length. The recital ends as the reader raises the haggis in a triumphant style, which is met by a thunderous applause from the audience.

Toasting the Haggis

Now, the entire audience toasts the haggis by raising a glass and shouting. The main course is then served with suitable music playing in the background. Wine or ale is served with the main course, while it’s also customary to splash some neat whiskey on the haggis.

Time for Entertainment

It’s time for the Burns Night poems to begin and the first musician enters to perform Burns’ songs or moving recitals of Burns’ poems.

Afterward, a speaker takes the stage to deliver a reading of the life of Robert Burns with references to his literary genius, his highs and lows, his politics, his nationalism and his human frailty.

The speech must portray a serious intent as well as sparkling wit to paint a colorful and spellbinding picture of the most beloved Bard of Scotland. The speech is concluded with a heartfelt toast by the speaker to the immortal memory of the Bard. A further celebration of Burns’ work may also be presented GamePeka.

Toast to Lassies

This toast is designed to appreciate women’s role in today’s world. It’s filled with selective quotations from Burns and builds to a positive ending. The toast concludes with ‘To the Lassies’ and the final entertainment of the evening is presented i.e. more Burns readings.

Women also get a chance to reply to the toast, after which the host thanks everyone for their contribution.

Auld Lang Syne

The proceedings are closed as the host invites everyone to stand, which is followed by everyone performing a rendition of Auld Lang Syne as everyone holds hands and sings together.





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